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The lots have been described conscientiously. The authenticity of the lots is guaranteed if nothing to the contrary is mentioned in the text.

Prices listed in the catalogue are estimates only. The lots may be sold at higher or lower prices. Auctioning will start at 80% of estimate unless at least two higher bids have been received. Bids under 80% of estimate are not accepted by the auctioneer.

Bids are to be submitted in € only. They areexecuted conscientiously and without any commission.

A buyer´s fee of 16,5% is added to the successful bid. Foreign purchasers from EEC countries will be charged the German VAT. Postage, insurance and bank charges will also be added. Payment ist due within 10 days of the auction invoice. The buyer is resposible for compliance with import regulations.

Bids by customers unknown to us are executed only when a sufficient deposit is mailed with the bids of verifiabale bank or trade references are furnished.

The auctioneer reserves the right to sent lots only after payment has been made by a bank transfer to one of our accounts, or by a check in € drawn on a German bank. A personal check has to clear first.


All items in the AGON-SportsWorld GmbH-auctions are checked for authenticity by experts from the respective subject areas to the best of their knowledge and belief.

a) Scope of the guarantee:
Subject to paragraph c) below, the authenticity of all items sold in the auction is guaranteed for a period of 30 days from the auction date, to the express exclusion of all other defects. Complaints regarding authenticity must be notified to AGON-SportsWorld GmbH upon delivery of the lots, but no later than 30 days after that date. The buyer whose complaint is made later then30 days after the auction date loses all claims to the guarantee. A later claim is not valid for AGON-SportsWorld GmbH. If an extension of time is necessary to substantiate the claim with an expert opinion, such extension must be requested from AGON-SportsWorld GmbH within 30 days of the auction date. No extension request will be considered beyond this 30-day period. An extension expires three months after the auction date; the results of the appraisal for which an extension was agreed must be brought to the attention of AGON-SportsWorld GmbH within this period. No further extension of the period shall be considered without the express written consent of AGON-SportsWorld GmbH. Only complaints, expert opinion results or other information provided within the agreed deadlines are valid.

b) Expert opinions and counter-assessments:
Should the authenticity of a lot be questioned, the buyer is obliged to submit an expert opinion or counter-opinion from a designated expert which substantiates the complaint.
The marking “FALSE” (counterfeit) shall not be considered as a complaint, a sufficient burdened and professional justification must be listed. In the event of such a complaint, AGON-SportsWorld GmbH reserves the right to request one or more further expert opinions at its own discretion. All expert opinions and related fees shall be at the expense of AGON-SportsWorld GmbH in the event of a justified complaint or at the expense of the buyer in the event of an unjustified complaint. In the event of a justified complaint, the lot will be taken back and the hammer price plus the commission will be refunded to the buyer.

c) Exclusions:
Lots designated as consignments, groups and those with duplicates cannot be the subject of a complaint. Lots appraised by the buyer or his agent and described as defective or faulty cannot be claimed for defects or faults. Photographically depicted lots cannot be claimed due to elements shown and clearly visible.

d) The certificates of authenticity issued by AGON-SportsWorld GmbH for jerseys/shirts, tickets and winners’ medals have been issued by the respective experts who have checked the respective items to the best of their knowledge and belief. These certificates exclusively confirm the inspection results of the experts. Guarantees are only granted within the framework of the above mentioned auction conditions, especially points a) – c). Further guarantees are only given for expertises of tickets and winner medals.
Note: If these terms and conditions of sale are translated into one or more other languages, the German text is the official version and takes precedence over all other translations.

Last updated : 10th May2022

Only the German text is legally binding.

Wolfgang Fuhr
- Auktionator -

Condition of the lots:
Zust.: A – very fine
Zust.: B – fine
Zust.: C – good, with little faults
Zust.: D – with bigger faults (look at the discribtion)

(VF)=Very fine
(EF)=Extra fine

Seiten = pages
s/w = black and white