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Important for Consignees!!!

Please make your own personal list of the items you would like to put on auction and send it to us. We will then select the items we feel are fitting for the auction. Please do not send any unrequested items for viewing!

We are sure that you will understand the items suitable for auction must be above a certain value as follows:

Books and Magazines 50 Euros.
Autogrammes, Programmes, Entrance Tickets or Postcards 20 Euros.
All other items 50 Euros.

Your consignment should include items between 50 and 100 Euros!
The total value of your items should be at least 250 euros!
and of course the items must be in a good, to a very good condition!

Should it occour that we do not accept an item in spite of its fullfilling all factors (i.e. value, rarity and condition), this happens when we have already accepted or have a similar object from another consignee. In this case we can make an offer to buy the item
for our Antiqe Sports Shop.

If you have your personal estimate price for an item, please note this on your written list that you send to us.

It is of course possible for you to bring your items personally to our premises in Kassel, so that our auctioneer can check and select any appropriate items.

The concentation of interesting items in an auction, and the respective catalogue naturally awakes the interest of international collectors, dealers and museums. This guarantees high bids and the beat hammer prices!

German Laws regulate the auctions!
Serious, controlled running of the auction!
Optimal presentation of your items!
Legal Guarantees!
Best References!
Professional Handling! (i.e. Transport, storage. Invoicing, Payment and Evaluation).
Each single object is insured!
Transparent Invoicing.
Promt Payment!
Highest discretion!
Commission only raised by successfull Sales!